SOLIDWORKS Certifications

Are you SolidWorks Certified?

Looking to boost your SOLIDWORKS skills and get certified? Stand out from the crowd with a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional certification and pass first time by enrolling on our CSWP-Mechanical Design eLearning prep. course. 

SOLIDWORKS Certification options

  • SOLIDWORKS Certification Standard

    • CSWP–Mechanical Design exam access
    • 7-day SOLIDWORKS online access

    £35+VAT / month

    for 3 months

    SOLIDWORKS Certification Professional

    • CSWP–Mechanical Design eLearning course
    • CSWP–Mechanical Design exam access
    • 7-day SOLIDWORKS online access

    £50+VAT / month

    for 3 months

    SOLIDWORKS Certification Premium

    • SOLIDWORKS Standard Term License - 3 month
    • CSWP–Mechanical Design eLearning course
    • CSWP–Mechanical Design exam access

    £245+VAT / month

    for 3 months

SOLIDWORKS Certification options

Why should I take SOLIDWORKS certification exams?

There are 5.5 millions SOLIDWORKS users globally with 500,000 SOLIDWORKS certified designers. Once you take, and pass, your certification exams you'll be joining an exclusive club and will seriously boost your employment prospects.

This is a great way to test your SOLIDWORKS skills, and once completed, shows current and future employers you are committed to personal development. 

It’s an industry recognised stamp of approval that you know how to correctly and efficiently model in SOLIDWORKS.

Which SOLIDWORKS Certifications are best?

There are many courses available, and which is best is a personal choice. As a SOLIDWORKS reseller and SOLIDWORKS recruitment specialist, we feel passing the CSWP-MD exam is a great option to give your career a boost.

As such we’ve created 3 options:

SOLIDWORKS Certification Standard - This gives you access to the CSWP exam and a link to access SOLIDWORKS for free for 7 days. 

SOLIDWORKS Certification Professional - In addition to the CSWP exam access and the 7 day SOLIDWORKS access you can enroll on our CSWP Preparation eLearning course. This will help you prepare fully with relevant exercises and SOLIDWORKS tips.

SOLIDWORKS Certification Premium - This includes access to the CSWP prep training and CSWP exam, as well as a 3 month SOLIDWORKS term license. This is a full commercial SOLIDWORKS license ideal for designers looking to start up as a SOLIDWORKS freelancer or contractor.

Why should I take the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional eLearning prep course?

The Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional exam (CSWP exam) is a comprehensive SOLIDWORKS exam created to test advanced levels of part modelling, assembly creation and component evaluation. It’s not designed to be easy, and not everyone passes the first time. 

There are many CSWP practice papers available online, however, as an authorised SOLIDWORKS reseller, our eLearning course has been specifically designed by our in-house SOLIDWORKS experts to ensure you’re given the best training to pass at the first attempt.

How do I get started with SOLIDWORKS Certifications?

Simply decide which Certification option you’d like and complete your order online. You’ll then be sent full confirmation details in-line with your order details. 

You won’t be left alone, we’ll support you each step of the way. From accessing the SOLIDWORKS exams and certification center, to issuing your certificate. Our SOLIDWORKS eLearning prep course is fully supported by our in-house engineers so if you need help, we’re here. 

And to help further, you can spread the cost of each certification option over 3 months. 

If you have any questions on any of the above please do call us on 01727 809329 or email 

How many Certifications are there?

The simple answer is lots! SOLIDWORKS have put together a comprehensive suite of SOLIDWORKs exams to cover many different SOLIDWORKS specialisms. Here is a list of certifications you may wish to consider:


Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA)

  • Stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive job market with this entry level certification.

Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP)

  • Our recommended certification exam for more advanced users wishing to prove they have a high command of SOLIDWORKS.

Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced

  • More feature specific certifications focusing on weldments (CSWPA-WD), sheet metal (CSWPA-SM), surfacing (CSWPA-SU), drawing tools (CSWPA-DT) and mold tools (CSWPA-MM).

Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE)

  • A Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert is able to show their ability to use advanced functions and features to solve complex modeling problems.

Authorised SOLIDWORKS Training Centre


As an authorised SOLIDWORKS reseller we offer official SOLIDWORKS training courses led by fully qualified SOLIDWORKS instructors. All attendees on our SOLIDWORKS training courses receive official training manuals as well as Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks recognised training certificates on completion. 



Are you a jobseeker looking to give your employment prospects a boost? 

Access official SOLIDWORKS training courses at reduced prices for jobseekers. All our SOLIDWORKS training courses are taught remotely and no SOLIDWORKS license is needed. All you need is a good internet connection and ideally a 2nd monitor to attend our SOLIDWORKS courses. Contact us for more details.